Q. What is a Public Insurance Adjuster (PA)?

A. A licensed expert on loss adjustments who you can retain to assist you in preparing, filing and consummating insurance claims for insurance losses such as; hurricane, flood, earthquake, fire, water damage, and business interruption to name a few.

Q. What is an Insurance Adjuster / Independent Adjuster?

A. An Insurance adjuster / Independent Adjuster is a paid employee or agent of the insurance company who’s job is to represent the insurance company with regards to claims brought against the insurance company.

Q. Why should I be concerned about obtaining what is rightfully due me?

A. Insurance companies are prepared to pay you what is due you as they see it, not necessarily what you see. The Insurance company adjuster is not supposed to be prejudiced and usually is fair to the policy holder. Obviously his or her first duty is to the Insurance Company whom he or she represents. As a Public Insurance Adjuster we represent you exclusively and our first duty is to you, our experience and knowledge are better able to bring about a more favorable adjustment to reflect what you see. We work for you!

Q. Can I handle my own Insurance Claim?

A. Yes!

Q. What are the consequences of handling my own insurance claim?

A. It depends how important the claim is to you.

Q. If I decide to hire a Public Insurance Adjuster, how quickly should I do it?

A. You should be as prompt as possible. You do not want to create a situation whereby there is a loss in time in obtaining and evaluating the facts and preparing the claim. By being prompt, evidence that might otherwise be destroyed or lost would be saved. The more thorough and complete the claim the faster the Public Insurance Adjuster can effect a settlement for you.

Q. If I hire a Public Insurance Adjuster will my insurance rates go up or my policy get canceled?

A. Your insurance company cannot cancel your policy or raise your rates based on your hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster, in fact it is against public policy and would be against the law to do so.

Q. Why can’t my insurance agent or broker act as my adjuster?

A. Your insurance agent or broker serves you in connection with your securing the proper insurance to meet your requirements. He or she does not necessarily have the expertise or experience necessary to render the same highly specialized service that we would perform on your behalf. He or she may also have a conflict, if the insurance coverage they recommended jeopardized your claim.

Q. Will the insurance company delay in settling and paying my claim If I hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

A. On the contrary, most claims are settled in a more efficient manner when a Public Insurance Adjuster is involved in the claim.

Q. Can the Public Insurance Adjuster settle my claim without my agreeing to the settlement?

A. No!

Q. How much does it cost to hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

A. Surprisingly little. The Public Insurance Adjusters charge is a small percentage of the insurance company’s settlement with you. Usually their services will save you the cost of their fee, at the very least.